This article will guide you on how to set up your battery-powered camera on the Reolink software.

Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras

It includes:

  1. Live View
  2. Alarm And Detection
  3. Motion Alerts
  4. Recording and Playback
  5. Use the Reolink App
  6. Camera Settings

Live View

You may learn the live view page buttons on the Reolink App:

Learning the Live View Page Buttons via Reolink App 

And here is the brief introduction for the buttons on the live view page of the Reolink Client:

Learning the Buttons on Live View Page of Reolink Client (New Client)

Multiple Views

If you have several cameras added to your Reolink software, you can view multiple streams at the same time. Please follow the steps below.

Full-screen View

If you want to view your camera on a full screen, here are the introductions for you:


In case your camera is mounted upside down, the picture will need to be rotated as well. You may follow the guides below to rotate the image.

Change Live Stream

If you want to view the video with better image quality, please follow the guides below to change the stream type.

Image Settings

You may follow this guide to configure image settings for your Reolink cameras via the Reolink App and the Reolink Client.

Infrared lights

You may learn more information about IR lights in this article: What's IR Illumination

And here is the working principle of the IR cut: How Does IR-cut Work

For how to set the IR lights, please refer to:

Alarm And Detection


You can set up sensitivity and schedule currently. Please refer to the articles below:

Motion Alerts

Push Notification

Push notification: A message notification will be sent to your phone, telling you that a motion event was detected by the camera.

For how to set the push notification, please refer to:

Alarm Email

Email notification is an email alert that your camera will send to you when it detects motions.

You may choose the email attachment via Reolink App and Reolink Client according to your needs.

Recording and Playback

Reolink PoE cameras support both motion recordings and continuous recordings. And recordings can be saved into micro SD cards and uploaded to the FTP server.

SD card recording and playback

For how to set up the motion recording, please refer to:

Please note that battery-powered cameras don't support continuous recording.

You may refer to the following articles to download and playback the recordings saved to the SD card:

Use the Reolink App

Share Your Devices

Here we'll guide you to share your configured cameras or NVRs with others by scanning the QR code on the Share page.

How to Share Your Device's UID/QR Code with Others 

Scene Modes

Scene Mode is designed for different usage scenarios. You could control all your cameras under different modes according to your requirement. For instance, you could disable all the alarms under home mode when you're home, but enable all the alarms under outside mode when you are away from home.

You may refer to When to Use Scene Mode to check when you need to set the mode for your camera.

Add a Camera

If you want to add your camera to the app or client, here are introductions for you:

Delete a Camera

If you want to delete your camera from the device list, please refer to:

Camera Settings

Device Information

Please check the system information of your camera according to this article:

Device Password

 Here we will guide you to change the user password for your camera:

Date and Time

You may refer to the following methods to configure the date and time (including the time format) for your Reolink camera.

Reboot and Restore

To reboot Reolink cameras, please refer to the below instructions:

Here are videos for your reference:

How to Reboot or Restore Device via the Reolink App (Video)

How to Restore Cameras via Reolink Client (New Client) (Video)

Firmware Upgrade

The firmware for battery-powered cameras couldn't be found on the Reolink download center since the camera could only support online upgrades.

To upgrade the firmware for battery-powered cameras, you need to turn on the Auto-Upgrade option for the camera, then the camera will upgrade automatically once there is new firmware pushed to it. Please refer to How to Enable Auto Upgrade for Battery-powered Cameras

Or if you haven't turned on the Auto-upgrade option, please manually upgrade the firmware by referring to How to Upgrade Battery-powered Cameras Manually

If you couldn't find any firmware for the camera in the Reolink App, it means that the camera already has the latest firmware.