At present, the infrared LED on the market is also known as an infrared emission tube or infrared light. The wavelength is mainly 850nm, 940nm, and 880nm, but 880nm is not commonly used (so we do not introduce it later). Here we'll introduce IR illumination from the following two aspects.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras except RLC-812A, RLC-824A, CX410, CX410W, CX810, E1 Outdoor CX

The Difference between 850nm and 940nm IR Illumination

Here're the main differences mostly concerned by the customers.

850nm has a red explosion while 940nm has NO red explosion. Also, the 850nm has more details and greater distances than the 940nm.

Two Kinds of Infra Reds

What's Red Explosion

It refers to that the infrared lamp displays visible red dots in working mode. Therefore, in need of concealment, 940nm IR Illumination is a good choice.

So far, Reolink adopts 850nm for all Reolink cameras except for the Keen Ranger PT camera which adopts 940nm