Applies to: All Reolink cameras

Description of the phenomenon: The login status is success or online, and you can go to the device setting page to check all the settings of the camera but there is no live stream image show up on the screen.

Cause 1: The Reolink Client bug

Solution: If you can see the live stream on your mobile phone app or iPad or web browser properly, but can't see the live stream on the Windows PC client, then the problem is the Reolink Client.

Please follow the below steps to fix this issue.

  • Please run your Reolink PC client as administrator
  • Please switch the display window to a multi-window display instead of the default window, and also click the turn to page button on the client.
  • Please update your PC's Graphics card to the new version.
  • Please update the client to the latest version.

If you tried above and still the same issue, please contact the Reolink support team for further help.

Cause 2: Hardware defect of the camera

Solution: If you can't see live stream image on all devices such as the mobile app, iPad, client and web browser, and the Bitrate under the Performance page is 0Kbps( reference for IP cameras, the battery camera doesn't have such setting), then it should be the hardware defect of the camera.

Please hard reset the camera and if still the same, then please contact Reolink support team for your warranty.