If you fail to connect your cameras to the router's WiFi, you can try to connect your camera to your phone's hotspot to confirm whether it's your router's problem.

Applies to: Reolink WiFi cameras and battery-powered WiFi cameras

Please refer to the below videos

To connect the camera to a phone's hotspot, please enable a hotspot on your phone first.

If you are not sure how to enable a hotspot, you may consult your phone's support.

And for iPhone, you may refer to this guideline.

After you enable the hotspot, you are ready to connect the cameras to the hotspot. Here are several cases:

1. Your camera is already online, and you need to reconnect it to the hotspot. 

In this case, you may log in to your camera, then go to the WiFi setting page of your camera, and change your camera's Wi-Fi setting to the hotspot's SSID and Password.


Please refer to the guideline below to change your camera's WiFi setting:

Set up WiFi Settings for WiFi Cameras

2. Connect Wi-Fi cameras (RLC series WiFi cameras and E series cameras with LAN port) to the hotspot during the initial setup process.

In this case, please connect the camera to your router first. Then you can connect to the camera and go to the camera's WiFi setting page and save your hotspot SSID/Password on the camera.

3. Connect battery-powered cameras, Lumus, E series cameras (without LAN port) to hotspot during initial setup process.

In this case, please follow the guideline below to set up the camera:

How to Initial Setup for Reolink Battery-powered Cameras via Reolink App

How to Initial Setup for Reolink E1 Series Cameras via Reolink App

And in the step where you need to input the Wi-Fi Info, please manually input your hotspot SSID/Password to generate the QR code for the camera to scan, then the camera will connect to that hotspot.

wifi settings page.png