Applies to: All Reolink NVRs

Description of the problem: Failed to playback on the NVR monitor, always fail to playback the recording, or there is no recording at all.


Please check whether all channels fail to playback.  If not all channels fail to playback, please refer to Cause 1. If all channels fail to playback, please refer to Cause 2 and Cause 3.


Cause 1: Camera issue


1. Please check to ensure the problem camera can be previewed.

2. If the camera cannot be previewed, please help check whether the camera is connected well to the NVR. 

You may find these helpful articles:

Video Loss in Reolink PoE NVR

Introduction of the Camera Status on IP channel Page of Reolink NVR

3. If the camera can be previewed, please check the HDD by referring to Cause 3.


Cause 2:  Software issue


1. Please check whether you can playback the videos on the Reolink Client Reolink APP or Web browser. 

   Note: Please switch clear/fluent mode while playback, if the recordings cannot be played only under the clear mode, please lower the bitrate and frame rate. You may refer to Set up the Record Encode for Reolink Cameras on NVR

2. If you only failed to playback recordings on NVR monitor, please restore your NVR. Please refer to How to Restore Reolink Device on phone/computer/monitor

3. If restore didn't help, please upgrade the NVR. Please refer to How to Upgrade the Firmware for Reolink Products


Cause 3: HDD issue


1. HDD is full and not overwrite. Please refer to  HDD is full and not overwrite

2. The HDD is not full but it stops recording. Please refer to NVR HDD Cannot Record

3. If you check that the HDD status is 0GB or cannot format, please contact Reolink support.


Note: 4K cameras will not be able to playback when used with 5MP NVR.