Reolink Cloud service is based on cloud computing technology. It can perform data storage, editing, and retrieval over the Internet. Please note that the Reolink Cloud service is not compulsory but optional.

Currently, Reolink Cloud is compatible with various Reolink camera models across different global regions (click Reolink Cloud Availability to learn more).

The lengths of video recordings vary among models of cameras. 


Image Quality

Clear Mode Balanced Mode Fluent Mode
E1 / / 16s
E1 Pro 8s 16s 16s
E1 Zoom 8s 16s 16s
E1 Outdoor 8-10s / 16-24s
E1 Outdoor CX 8-10s / 16-24s
E1 Outdoor S 8-10s / 16-24s
Reolink Lumus / / 11s
Reolink battery cameras (2MP) 8s / 8s
Reolink battery cameras supporting the smart person/vehicle function 8-10s / Video size ≤7M (about 48s)

Four Reolink Cloud plans are available for your choice: Basic, Standard, Premier, and Business Plans. You can check more details and subscribe to Reolink Cloud plans on the Reolink Cloud website or the Reolink App.

For more information about the Reolink Cloud plans, you can refer to:

To troubleshoot common issues about Reolink Cloud, you can refer to :

  • Reolink Cloud can store motion event videos, but it doesn't support continuous recording.
  • If the alarm is triggered continuously, multiple videos will be recorded and uploaded to the Cloud. 
  • You can play back, download, and delete video recordings from the Cloud via the Reolink Cloud website or the Reolink App. However, batch downloading is not available yet.