If your cameras/NVRs are not on the same LAN as your PC (on a different network), this guide will show you how to add the camera via UID. Then you can view your cameras via WAN (remotely).

Applies to: All Reolink Cameras (with UID) and NVRs 

1. It is suggested to use the UID for remote access.
2. Reolink battery-powered cameras only support UID for remote access. If you haven't connected it to your network, please check
How to Initially Set up Battery-powered Cameras via Reolink Client (New Client)
How to Initially Set up Reolink 4G Cameras via Reolink Client (New Client)
3. Add Reolink WiFi-only cameras via Client
How to Initial Setup for Reolink E1 Series Cameras / Reolink Lumus via Reolink Client (New Client)
4. If you're using the Domain Name/IP Address to access the cameras, please ensure that the port-forwarding settings on your router are correct.
See how to forward ports on your router interface.

Please refer to the video below to add cameras or NVR via Reolink Client.

Step 1. Click the "+" icon, fill in the blanks with the UID of your camera. See How to find the UID of your device, click Add.


Step 2. For the E1 series camera, Lumus, and battery-powered camera, which have connected to your network successfully, please click Wi-Fi Already Configured and click Confirm


Step 3. Then input the Username (admin by default), the camera Password. After that, hit Login to add your camera to Reolink Client.