Applies to: All Rolink cameras

If it takes a long time or several attempts for you to connect the camera successfully via Reolink App or Client, please follow the below instructions to troubleshoot.

Please confirm whether this problem happens when your phone is connected to the same network as the camera (in LAN). If yes, please try the below tips:

  1. For battery-powered cameras and WiFi cameras, please
  • move the camera closer to your router. If it helps, please check whether the antennas are fixed firmly on the camera.
  • change to different WiFi channels to see if the problem could be fixed or not.
  • disconnect other devices from the WiFi, especially other cameras and low power-consumption devices.
  • check if the other devices nearby are generating interference.
  • check whether the camera is still connected to WiFi properly by the status LED (for the camera which has the status light).
  • check if the camera is triggered by motions and uploading videos to your cloud account constantly, If yes, it might be the limited upstream bandwidth causing this issue.
  1. Try to preview the camera in the Fluent mode:  Change Live Stream Mode on Reolink App / Change Live Stream Mode on Reolink Client (New Client)
  2. Reboot the router and camera 
  3. Test the camera with another network if possible
  4. Upgrade the camera’s firmware and Reolink App/Client to the latest version.
    Please refer to: How to Upgrade the Firmware for Reolink Products

If this problem happens when your phone/pc is connected to different network as the camera, besides the tips mentioned above, please also

  1. Connect your phone/pc to another network to have try.
  2. Contact Reolink Support Team with the UID of your camera and the System Status screenshot for assistance.