Applies to: Reolink Cameras Stop Working with Amazon Alexa

To add the cameras to Amazon Alexa, please refer to the instructions here.

If the camera failed to be added to Amazon or the Amazon Alexa device cannot find the camera, below are the causes and solutions you may refer to:

Cause 1. The Smart Home Skill of the Camera is Not Enabled Yet.

Solution: please enable smart home skill for the camera on Reolink App. 

Note: If the smart home skill for the camera cannot be enabled, please refer to the instructions here to troubleshoot first.


Cause 2. Reolink Account 


1. Check the Reolink account on Reolink App and make sure the camera is bound to this Reolink account.

2. Make sure the Reolink account (which is the same as the one on Reolink App) is logged in successfully on Amazon Alexa App to authorize Reolink Smart Home skill.


Cause 3. The Internet Connection of Amazon Alexa or Camera


 Restart Amazon Alexa device and the camera, and make sure they have connected to the internet.


If the problem still exists after trying the solutions above, please send the camera UID and your Reolink account to Reolink Technical Support for further assistance.