If you heard the "network connection failed" voice command coming up when you configure the band's new Reolink Go camera for the 1st time (sim card installed), here are the suggestions for you.

Applies to: Reolink Go, Reolink Go PT, Reolink Go Plus, Reolink Go PT Plus, Reolink Go Ultra, Reolink Go PT Ultra, KEEN Ranger PT, Reolink Duo 4G, Reolink Duo 2 LTE, Reolink TrackMix LTE, Reolink TrackMix LTE Plus.

Cause 1. The SIM card does not match the standard

Solution: Please ensure the SIM card matches the requirements, please refer to Choose SIM card for 4G Cameras.

Cause 2. Poor 4G signal coverage

Solution: Take the camera with the inserted sim card to a place with a strong 4G signal to have a try to see whether it works after that.

Cause 3. Incorrect model version

Solution: Check the version of this camera on the label of it. Whether it's the EU, US, or AU version. Whether it's matched with your country.

Cause 4. The SIM card can't connect to the Internet

Solution: Take out the SIM card and put it into your cell phone to see whether it can access the internet with the SIM card.

For Reolink Go, you can also unplug the battery of Go and plug it back in several times to see whether it says the network connection succeeds after that.