Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras

There are several possible causes for Login Failed when remotely accessing Reolink battery-powered cameras via Reolink App. You may follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

Cause 1. The camera is not powered-on.

Note: How to tell if the camera is powered on? Turn off the lights or place the camera under a dark environment, if the infrared lights of the camera turn on, then the camera is powered on properly.

Solution: Try to charge the battery and scan again.


Cause 2. The camera is not connected to the Internet.


  • Confirm the color of the status LED on the camera. If it is red, please check if the WiFi SSID & password changed.
  • Connect your camera to a different WiFi and try to log in again. If you succeed, please check the internet connection.


Cause 3. The phone is not connected to the Internet.

Solution: Connect your phone to different networks (4G or other WiFi networks) and try to log in again.


Cause 4. The app or client is not working properly.

Solution: Try to access the camera via Reolink Client or via APP. If you succeed, please update Reolink App/client to the lasted version or reinstall the App/client and try again.


If the problem still exists after going through the steps above, please check the System Statusfind the UID of your device, and then contact our support team for additional help.