Applies to: Reolink WiFi cameras (Reolink battery-powered cameras excluded).

There are several possible causes for Wi-Fi Test Failed when setting up WiFi for Reolink WiFi cameras. You may follow the troubleshooting tips listed below to solve the problem.

Note: if your camera is already connected the wifi successfully and doesn't has LAN cable connected, in this case if you press the "wifi test" you will get wifi test failed that should be normal.

Cause 1. Incorrect WiFi password.

Solution: Click on Show Password to double-check whether the WiFi password you entered is correct (password is case-sensitive, and on some Android phones, a blank space will be automatically added to the end of the password).


Cause 2. The WiFi password is too long.

Solution: Please try to shorten your WiFi password and make sure that it does not exceed 128 characters.


Cause 3. The encryption method of your WiFi network does not work with the camera.

Solution: Reolink cameras do not support WEP encryption method as it is outdated and not secure. Please change the encryption method to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK.


Cause 4. The WiFi connection is unstable.

Solution: Please check whether the antennas of the camera are securely mounted; place the camera closer to the router and try again.


Cause 5. The WiFi channel is occupied.

Solution: Please go to the router interface and modify the WiFi channel to other available values. See examples at how to find the best WiFi channel for your network and how to change the wireless channel on a NETGEAR router.


Cause 6. Incompatible Wireless Frequency 

Solution: Currently, Reolink E1 only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. It will not be able to connect to any Wi-Fi with 5GHz wireless frequency. Please make sure that your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network when setting up Reolink E1.

Note: If you have any problem changing the channel, please contact your router provider for help.