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  • Can I use this camera with Synology?

    Yes, this PoE IP camera can work with Synology. There are 2 methods for you to save videos in it.
    Method 1(recommended): You can add this camera to Synology Surveillance Station. Check How to Add Reolink Cameras to Synology Surveillance Station to learn how to add a camera. Please note the camera and Synology device should be connected to the same local area network before settings.
    Method 2. You can treat your Synology device as an FTP server. For detailed steps of adding the FTP server, please refer to How to Set up FTP for Reolink Products.

  • Which version/model NVR recorder works with my camera?

    Like the other smart person/vehicle detection cameras, it can only work with the new hardware version NVR recorder system.

    The new hardware version NVR recorder information is as below:

    • RLN8-410 NVR recorder with Hw No.N2MB02 or Hw No. H3MB18( need to upgrade the firmware)
    • RLN16-410 NVR recorder with Hw No.H3MB18 only 

    To know your NVR recorder hardware version, please go to the Menu of your NVR recorder>System>Info> you will see the Hw No of your NVR

    system information.pngFor all Reolink NVR hardware versions and details, please refer  to the Hardware Version of Reolink NVRs
  • Can I use this camera with Blue Iris?

    Yes, you can add the camera to Blue Iris.
    Step 1. Launch Blue Iris, click your right mouse button (or click + at the top-right of the software interface), and select Add new camera.
    Step 2. Input the name of your camera and choose Network IP as the connection type. Check Enable audio and Enable motion detector and click OK.
    Step 3. Input the IP address, the correct User, and the Password of your camera, click Find/inspect… to search the camera in the LAN; choose Reolink as Make, change the Discovery/ONVIF port to 8000 then click OK to finish adding the camera.
    For more details, please refer to How to Add Reolink Cameras to Blue Iris.

  • Where are the alarm recordings stored? Is an NVR a must?

    You can choose an NVR or SD card to store the alarm recordings.
    1. If the camera is added to an NVR, you can set an alarm recording schedule via NVR. When the camera is triggered, the alarm recordings will be saved to the HDD.
    2. You can also put a micro SD card into the camera, and set up a person/vehicle detection schedule for the camera. When the camera is triggered, the alarm recordings will be saved to the micro SD card. For the requirements of the micro SD card, please refer to How to Choose Micro SD Card for Reolink Cameras

  • Can I set the spotlights on only when there is an alarm event?

    Yes, you need to choose "Auto" under "Night Mode". The spotlights will turn on automatically when an alarm event is detected.
    Please note: If you choose "Auto", please make sure the additional light source in the environment is light enough. Otherwise, the camera can't be triggered normally and the spotlights won't light up automatically. If you don't see this option, please upgrade your camera to a new version.

  • I can't see the IR lights at night. How can I turn on the IR lights?

    There are only 4 powerful spotlights. That means you can't view black&white image at night. You can only view the color image.

  • Can this camera support the Reolink Cloud storage service?

    This camera cannot support Reolink Cloud for now. But we do have a plan to solve this question. For the latest news, please follow our Facebook @ReolinkTech.
    At present, you can save clips to a micro SD card (up to 256GB) or FTP server. Or connect this camera to Reolink NVR to have 24/7continuous recordings.

  • Does my camera support person/vehicle detection? 

    Yes, this camera supports person/vehicle detection.
    Step 1: Please open your Reolink App and go to the device settings, and click the " Camera Recording" button.
    Step 2: On the camera recording page, please click the" Schedule" button.
    Step 3: In the Schedule page you will see two options: Alarm & Timer
    Step 4: Once finish the detection schedule, please click the "Save" button on the right top of the app to save your settings. 
    For more details, please refer to:
    How to Set up Smart Person/Vehicle Detection via POE NVR system
    How to Set up Smart Person/Vehicle Detection via Reolink APP (Video)
    How to Set up Smart Person Detection only via Reolink PC Client
    How to Set up Smart Vehicle Detection only via Reolink PC Client

For more FAQs about the camera, please click FAQs on RLC-824A.