Applies to: All Reolink Cameras and NVR

If you try to connect Reolink cameras/NVRs via Reolink Client from a remote network, but get the “connection failed” prompt, please check if you can connect the camera via Reolink App locally first. 

      1. If you failed to connect the camera locally via Reolink App, please refer to Login Failed when Accessing Reolink IP Cameras in LAN

      2. If you could connect the camera via Reolink app locally, but failed remotely, please refer to the below instructions to troubleshoot:

Note: Reolink battery-powered cameras could only be connected with the UID.
  1. If you could connect the camera successfully via Reolink App both on the LAN and WAN, please refer to the following tips:
  • Make sure that you choose the same Register Mode as Reolink App.
  • Check whether your computer has been connected to Internet successfully.
  • Check if the computer’s firewall has been configured properly. If you haven’t set the VPN, please also close the VPN on your computer. Refer to How to Allow Reolink Client Pass Through the Firewall on your PC
  • Upgrade your Reolink Client to the latest version. Refer to App & Client - Reolink
  • Check the Router firewall settings. If you use the UID to connect the camera, please make sure that the UDP port is enabled on your router.
  • Connect your computer to other Network or test with another computer.