Applies to: All Reolink cameras

Description of the situation: The live stream image is too dark or blurry or underexposed.

Cause 1: Image Settings of the camera 

Solution:  Please check the video information under the Basic settings of the camera, and adjust the Brightness and Contrast settings accordingly.

If they never changed the settings or they are default settings, then the problem is not caused by the settings.

Cause 2: The installation environment

Solution: If the camera was installed in a very long and narrow alley, then the live image may be underexposed. In this situation, please adjust the camera angle or install an external light source around the camera. 

Cause 3: Firmware bug

Solution: If you checked all the above causes and the image is still overexposed, please upgrade your camera's firmware to the latest.  You may find a link here for the latest firmware

Note: For the battery-powered cameras, please provide your camera's UID and firmware version to the support team, they will help you upgrade it. 

Cause 4: Hardware defect of the camera

Solution: If the camera's IR cut is not working or the IR lights will not turn on at night, then the camera's live view image will be underexposed and blurry at night.

  • Please check the IR lights settings and make sure it is lit on during the night.
  • Please hard reset the camera and set up the camera again to see if the night image is back to normal.