This is a collection of solutions to the problem of failing to add cameras to Synology. You could pinpoint the solution to your problem according to different causes.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras that support ONVIF.

If you fail to add Reolink cameras to Synology, you can follow the below steps to make troubleshoot.

Cause 1: The steps to add cameras to Synology are wrong.

Solution: Make sure that the setup steps are correct: How to Add Reolink Cameras to Synology Surveillance Station

Also make sure you have entered the right username, password, and port number. 

Cause 2: The ONVIF port is not enabled.

Solution: For the camera with the hardware version of IPC_523..., please make sure that the ONVIF port is enabled: How to Set up Reolink Ports Settings via Reolink Client (New Client).

Cause 3: The resolution of the camera and the resolution setting on Synology are different.

Solution: Please change both resolutions of the camera and Synology to the same one. 

Cause 4: The camera and Synology are not on the same LAN.

Solution: If the camera and Synology are not at the same LAN, you need to port forward the RTSP port and ONVIF port. You can refer to the link to make port forwarding, How to Forward Ports in Router Interface for Reolink Products


If you choose ONVIF as a camera brand, the port that you need to make forwarding is the ONVIF port.

If you choose Reolink as the camera brand, the port that you need to make forwarding is the HTTP port. 

If the camera model doesn't appear on the Reolink brand list, please choose ONVIF to add the cameras to Synology, or the cameras might fail to connect to Synology. 

Cause 5: The camera uses static IP for the network.

Solution: If the camera uses static IP, Synology might fail to scan the camera. please kindly change to using DHCP for a check. 

Cause 6: The camera firmware is not the latest one or has a bug.

Solution: Please kindly find out the system information of the camera, refer to,

How to Find out System Information via Reolink App

How to Find out System Information for NVRs via Reolink Client (New Client)

And then please submit a request with the system information to the support for further help.