Applied to: All cameras except for the battery-powered camera, E1 series camera, Lumus.

Problem description:

  • The cam restarts automatically and all the configuration settings( such as camera name, password, etc)  are lost, on the client, you will get" user name or password error", and when you enter the original password, it is still a password error, only when you keep a blank password, you will able to log in.
  • When you manually restart the cam by clicking the" reboot" button, you can’t log in with the original password. It may show "the user name or password error" and you may enter the default password (blank) or create a new password.

Cause: Hardware defect

Solution: Please check the camera's reset button, and press the reset button to see if it is stuck or still working properly. 

If the issue still exists, please contact support for further help.