Replies to: All Reolink cameras that have an SD card slot and Reolink NVRs

Cause 1: Network Connection is not Stable

Phenomenon 1: Error message "Failed to load, retry"

Solution 1:


Cause 2: SD card/HDD is not Inserted Properly

Phenomenon 2: Error message "No camera SD card/ HDD is detected. You may not access playback feature"

Solution 2: Power off the camera/ NVR, unplug the SD card/ HDD and plug it again.

How to Install Micro SD Card for Reolink Cameras

Change the HDD for Reolink NVR


Cause 3: SD card/ HDD is Broken

Phenomenon 3: Error message "SD card/ HDD needs to be formatted"

Solution 3:

  • Format SD card/ HDD.
  • Exchange another SD card/ HDD. 

Choose Micro SD Card for Reolink Cameras

The HDD Recommended/Compatible List


Cause 4: Cameras/ NVRs do not Record

Phenomenon 4: There are no recordings in the SD card/ HDD.

Please refer to the below pictures. 


Solution 4: Check the calendar to see whether you can find some recordings.