Applies to: Reolink WiFi battery-powered cameras

When Reolink App/Reolink Client and the camera are connected to the same Wi-Fi (LAN), you can get access to the camera, but fail to get access to the camera when your phone uses 4G network or other WiFi or the PC is on another network. Here are some solutions for your references. 

Cause 1: The camera is not powered on properly

Solution 1: Please use a DC 5V/2A power adapter to charge it to check whether the camera can be powered on properly. 

How to tell if the camera is powered on? Turn off the lights in the rooms or place the camera under a dark environment, if the infrared lights of the camera turn on, then the camera is powered on properly.

If you are using the correct power adapter and it can work with another device, but the camera still can't be powered on properly, please contact Reolink Support

Cause 2: The camera is not connected to the Internet

Solution 2: Confirm the color of the status LED in the front of the camera. If it is red, please reset the camera and set it up again. 

Refer to: How to Reset Reolink Devices

Cause 3: The 4G network issue

Solution 3: If you can only watch the live view of the cameras in LAN, which means phone/PC and the camera are connected to the same network, but failed to view the camera via 4G network sometimes or all the time. Please refer to the following articles to troubleshoot the issue:

Sometimes Failed to Connect to the Battery-powered Camera When Using a 4G Network

Always Failed to Connect to the Battery-powered Camera When Using a 4G Network 


If the solutions mentioned above do not help, please send screenshots of the UID, system information and the system status of the camera after you fail to connect to the camera for several times by 4G network to the Reolink support ( via email. 

To find the UID of the camera, please refer to How to Find the UID of Your Cameras and NVRs

To find the system information, please refer to, How to Find out System Information via Reolink App

To find the system status, please refer to How to Check System Status via Reolink App