Applies to: All Reolink POE NVRs.

Description of the phenomenon: 

NVR reboots constantly

NVR reboots randomly (for example 2-3 times per day)

③Random gaps in the playback timeline. ( All channels lost the recording at the same time, and the gap is greater than 30s )

A lot of "startup" on the NVR's log page. (Get to the Search--Log search page and check if there are startup logs to confirm if the NVR reboots. If there's random "Startup", that means the NVR reboots itself) 


Cause 1.  UPS issue.


A: If you use the UPS to power the NVR on, please plug the NVR directly to a wall socket and have it run one or two days then check if the NVR reboots. If the NVR doesn't reboot, the issue should be on the UPS. Please make sure the UPS's wattage is higher than the NVR adapter's wattage. If the NVR still reboots, please refer to the following troubleshooting tips.

Cause 2. The HDD issue

Solution: Please unplug the HDD and have the NVR run one or two days then check if the NVR reboots. If NVR doesn't reboot, please contact the support team with the order number. 

Cause 3. The NVR and the cameras are both being grounded.

Solution: Please unplug all the cameras from the NVR and have the NVR run on its own for one or two days and check if it still reboots (Please disable auto-reboot before you run the test). If the NVR doesn't reboot, the issue may be caused by both the NVR and the cameras being grounded. Please check whether the cameras and the NVR are grounded. If yes, please unground either the NVR or the cameras to fix the issue. 

Note: The NVR carries out the lightning protection and grounding treatment on its own and if users also grounded the cameras, it will cause a certain potential difference. And when the potential difference is higher than 64V, it will trigger the NVR'S protection mechanism and the NVR will power off itself.

A: If you'd like to have the cameras ungrounded to fix the issue: 

In this case, please do not ground the cameras additionally. Check if you connect the cameras to the ground wire of your house. If yes, please disconnect the cameras from the ground wire.  And please do not install the cameras on the metal wall or ceiling etc. If you have to install the camera on a metal wall or ceiling in your situation, you may add an insulator between the camera and the wall/ceiling to have it ungrounded. Please refer to the below picture and install the insulator.


B: If you'd like to unground the NVR to fix the issue, please unground the NVR and the monitor connected to the NVR. 

Note: In this case,  please don't put either the NVR or the monitor on the metal plate/shelf.

1. You may cut off the grounded pin on the plug on both the NVR and the monitor to have it ungrounded.

2. You may use a 3 pin-to-2 pin converter on both the NVR and the monitor to have it ungrounded.

You may use the converters below to have the NVR not grounded. Please pay attention to the version of the converter and make sure to order the correct version. For example, If the NVR is installed in the US, please order the US version of the converter.  

If you use converter 2, please do not have the third pin grounded.





Cause 4.  Insufficient power supply.

If the NVR doesn't reboot when fewer cameras are plugged, the issue may be caused by 2 reasons.

Reason 1: If you unplug one or two certain cameras and the NVR won't reboot anymore, the issue is probably caused by the NVR and the cameras both being grounded. Please refer to Cause 3.

Reason 2: If you unplug one or two cameras, the NVR won't reboot anymore. In this way, the issue is probably caused by the insufficient power supply. Please refer to how many cameras can I add to the NVR.


A power adapter is included in each package of the NVR, but you can also purchase a 3rd party adapter. Be sure that the ratings of the power adapter of Reolink POE NVRs (16 channel) should be DC 48V 2.5A and  Reolink POE NVRs (8 channel) should be DC 48V 2A.