Applies to: Reolink PoE cameras 

Description of the problem: The camera cannot be powered on while using PoE Switch or PoE injector.  Please reset the camera and cover the daylight sensor on the camera lens or take the camera to a dark room and wait for a few seconds then you'll find the IR lights on the camera will not light up/ not hear a "click" sound. 

Cover the Lens

There are several possible causes for the POE camera not being powered by the POE switch/injector. You may follow the troubleshooting tips listed below to solve the problem. 


Cause 1. Incompatible POE switch/injector.

Solution: Please refer to Which POE injector/switch can I use for Reolink POE cameras


Cause 2. The camera is not properly connected to the POE switch/injector

Solution: Please check the lights on the POE switch/injector. If the lights are not on, please try to plug the camera into other ports that works and use another working Ethernet cable.


Cause 3. The POE module of the camera fails to get power

Solution: Please use the DC adaptor to power the camera on. 

Note: The power adaptor may refer to What is the Output Voltage for Reolink DC Power Adapter