Applies to: POE NVRs

Issue Description: After plugging the new cameras to the NVR, the camera's image does not show up on the monitor and it prompts "video loss". The following troubleshooting may be helpful to you.

Cause 1: No available channels can be distributed to the new camera.


The camera is on the IP channel page, with a channel of "none".

Solution: In this case, you have to remove the cameras which are no longer used and then manually distribute a channel to the new camera. You can refer to How to Delete Camera from PoE NVR

Cause 2: The new camera has been distributed with the same IP address as the previously added cameras.


Solution: Generally, this situation will cause more than one camera to be offline, or video loss. On the IP channel page, there will be at least two cameras with the same IP address. In this case, please reset the POE camera, and you can refer to How to Reset Bullet or Dome Cameras. Also please reboot the NVR.

Cause 3: It shows "invalid PWD" on IP channel page.

Solution: It means that the camera has been set with a password previously, so the NVR couldn't recognize its password. Please drag the menu bar to the password column and use the soft keyboard input the required information.

Input Password

Cause 4: It shows "offline"/ "connection failed" on the IP channel page.

Solution: In this case, please reboot both the NVR and the camera. Then, check whether the camera is powered on by the NVR:

  • Cover the daylight sensor, or place the camera in a dark environment. After a few seconds, if the IR LED turn on, or some sounds can be heard, it means the camera is powered on.

  • Also, please check whether the camera's corresponding PoE port lights. If the light is not on, please change into another working cable and another working port.

If the above solutions do not help, please contact Reolink Support