Currently, Reolink Cloud is compatible with various Reolink camera models across different global regions (click Reolink Cloud Availability to learn more).

For the issue, some recordings have not uploaded onto the Cloud but can be found via the SD card. Please check below cause and solution to fix.

Cause 1: Network instability

Solution 1: Reduce the bitrate for both mainstream and substreams

How to set up Encode settings(resolution, bitrate, frame rate) on Reolink client(New Client)

Cause 2: The storage space of Cloud is full or some files have been overwritten.

Solution 2.1: If you need larger storage space, you can change the plan, please refer to How to Switch the Current Cloud Plan to Other Plan.

Solution 2.2: If most of the recordings are caused by false alarm or not what you need, you can adjust the PIR Settings to reduce false alarm, please refers to Set up the Schedule for PIR Sensor.