Applies to: All Reolink cameras

If you noticed your camera's live stream or playback video like breathing, the image is clear and bright for a second, then dark and blurry for the next second, it is called breathing effect. Please troubleshoot as steps below:

Cause 1: The frame rate of the camera is too high and the Max bitrate of the camera is too low

Solution: Please increase the max bitrate of the camera or decrease the frame rate of the camera to check again.

Cause 2: Firmware bug

Solution: Please upgrade the firmware of the camera to the latest firmware. If you don't sure your firmware is new or not, please contact Reolink support for further help.

Cause 3:  Complicated environment

Solution: If you installed the camera outside with a very complicated environment with many trees and other things in the camera sight, the camera may have a problem decoding the image. Please change to another environment such as indoor to check.

If you checked all the above steps and the problem still exists, please hard reset the camera and also contact the Reolink support team for further help.