Camera detection performance is greatly affected by PIR and Motion Detection angel, this article will show you how to adjust their angles.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras.

You may kindly refer to Which cameras use PIR and motion detection.

1. If you want to adjust the PIR angle of your camera:

Please kindly refer to How to adjust PIR angle

2. If you want to adjust the Motion Detection angle:

You can manually adjust the placing angle of your camera, but the sensitivity and accuracy of the Motion detection work with no impact of the placing angle. The detecting distance of motion detection is related to the size of the object, the range of movement, and the sensitivity of your camera, so the specific value of detection distance cannot be given.  If you don't want to receive alerts from some area of the monitoring screen, you may set up its Motion Zone to select the area you don't want motions to be detected; Please kindly refer to

You may also lower the sensitivity of the camera to decrease the frequency of false alarms. Please kindly refer to