This article shares some basic knowledge about RTSP and the format of RTSP URL. 

Applies to: All Reolink cameras (except Reolink battery-powered cameras, Reolink E1, Lumus, and the add-on cameras)


The Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is a network control protocol designed for use in entertainment and communications systems to control streaming media servers. The protocol is used for establishing and controlling media sessions between endpoints. Clients of media servers issue VHS-style commands, such as play, record, and pause, to facilitate real-time control of the media streaming from the server to a client (Video On Demand) or from a client to the server (Voice Recording).

RTSP is a multimedia streaming protocol used to control voice or video and allows multiple streaming requirements to be controlled at the same time. The network protocol used for transmission is not within the scope of its definition. The server can choose to use TCP or UDP to transmit streaming content, RTSP registers ports 554tcp and 554udp for real-time video streaming on the Internet.

Request for RTSP URL

RTSP URL is usually used on third-party video players, such as VLC player. It cannot be used directly on a web browser, since web browsers don't support RTSP protocol. (or you may install the RTSP plug-in on a web browser to view the RTSP stream.)

The RTSP URL can be used both in LAN and WAN.

If you want to view the RTSP stream in WAN, you will need to do port forwarding on the router.

Note: You may check whether the RTSP port is enabled on your camera and what's the RTSP port value referring to How to Set up Reolink Ports Settings via Reolink Client

The format of the RTSP address is as below:
rtsp://<username>:<password>@<IP address>/Preview_<channel number>_<stream type>

For example, if your camera or NVR has the following information,
IP address:
username: admin
password: 111111

then the RTSP URL will be:

Main Stream: rtsp://admin:111111@
Sub Stream: rtsp://admin:111111@

Alternatively, you can also use this URL (Main Stream by default): rtsp://(user name):(password)@(ip address):554/

Note: For Reolink POE NVRs (with 4MP/5MP cameras connected), the username and password in the URL should be the ones for NVR. You may also change the channel number to view different channels.

For example, if you want to view channel 2 on NVR, then the RTSP URL will be:

Main Stream: rtsp://admin:111111@
Sub Stream: rtsp://admin:111111@

Note: the 4k cameras connected with the 4k nvr system will only show fluent live stream instead of the clear live stream due to the H.264+(h.265) limit.