Applies to: Reolink Duo, Duo 4G, Duo WiFi, Duo PoE

Cause 1: Environmental factor

It is normal if there is a slight color different in both lens.

Affected by factors such as temperature, light, etc. from environment, the exposure and feeling of the lenses on both sides of the camera are inconsistent, resulting in a little color different in both lens of the camera, which is normal.

You can go to Settings-Display-Brightness to adjust the brightness setting to make it work better.

Cause 2: Hardware defect

If the color different on both lens is very strong, for example, the color of one lens is similar to the color we see with the naked eye, but the color of the other lens is reddish, purple, greenish, please reset the camera and set it up again to see if the issue still remains.

If the issue still exists, please contact support for further help.