This article will guide you to set up recordings for Reolink products.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs and cameras with a micro SD card slot (exclude the battery-powered cameras without smart detection).

There are three kinds of settings related to recording:

1. Encode Settings: Stream Type; Resolution; Frame Rate; Maximum Bitrate.

2. Record Options: Overwrite; Pre-record; Post-record; Pack Duration.

3. Record Schedule: Alarm; Timer; None.

1. The Record Audio option can be enabled only if the device supports this function.
2. The battery-powered cameras do not support pre-recording.
3. Pack duration is only available for NVR systems. 

Here we will guide you to set up recording for your Reolink devices via different platforms.

On Reolink Client 

On Reolink App

On Web Browser

On Reolink NVRs (New UI)

On PoE NVR (Old UI)