Applies to: All Reolink wireless cameras except for Reolink battery-powered cameras

If you failed to add the wifi camera to the phone APP or computer client. Please check the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:

Cause 1. The camera is Not powered up properly

Solution: Please make sure the camera is well connected with the power adapter.

For the RLC series and C series such as RLC-410w, please cover the day/night sensor on the camera and see whether the IR LEDs are lit up. If not, change a different DC adapter and socket.

Please refer to Identify whether your IP camera is powered up or not


For the E1 series, please check the front status led light, if you can see blue status led light or heard" ping/tone sound" from the camera, which means it is powered on properly.

Cause 2. The camera's WiFi setting is Not configured properly


For the RLC series and C series, such as RLC-410w or C1 pro, the initial setup, please make sure you had connected the camera with your router by Ethernet cable and configured wifi.

Please follow here:  How to Initially Set up WiFi Cameras via Reolink Client (New Client)

For E1 series, please make sure you have configured wifi for it properly and you heard the voice" connection to the router succeeded".

Refer to: How to Initial Setup for Reolink E1 Series Cameras / Reolink Lumus via Reolink App

Cause 3. The firewall and anti-virus software settings of the PC client or VPN setting of the APP


For the PC client, please check your PC firewall or anti-virus software and make sure Reolink client can pass through the firewall, refer to Allow Reolink Client to Pass through Windows Firewall on Windows 10

Then launch Reolink Client software on the computer in the same network. Click Add Device->Scan in LAN to see whether the camera shows up.

For the mobile app, please check whether it has a firewall or APN settings, and disable the APN to add again.

If still fail to add, please try to reboot this camera and your home router network or hard reset this camera and set up from factory status.

If you tried all the above and still failed to add the camera, please contact Technical Support for help with all the above troubleshooting results.