Applies to: Reolink 4G cameras

If you have inserted a 4G SIM card into Reolink Go, but only read 3G when accessing it via Reolink App, you may follow the troubleshooting tips listed below to solve the problem. There're several possible causes for the problem:

Cause 1. Poor signal coverage

Solution: Please insert this SIM card into your phone and check whether your phone can be connected to 4G network where the camera is installed. If you can, please reset Reolink Go and try again to see if it works. If you cannot, please move your camera to the positions with better call phone reception to see if the camera can receive the 4G signal.

Cause 2. SIM card issue

Solution: Reolink Go also supports other mobile service providers in your country. If possible, you may use the SIM card other service providers in your country to see if it works. You may refer to this article to choose the right SIM card for Reolink Go.

If you cannot solve the problem after going through the steps above, you may submit a request to our support team for further assistance.