Applies to: All Reolink cameras.

Sometimes, when you find the image is color off, purple, there are several possible causes for the problem:

Cause 1. Wrong Firmware

Solution: Check the firmware information with the model of your camera. If you upgrade the wrong firmware to your camera, it will cause the color issue. Please find the firmware of your camera and then check with the model shown in the settings, if it is not the same as your camera, please kindly download the right firmware at here. Upgrade the right one to your camera again.

Cause 2. System Bug

Solution: Reset the camera. The reset method could refer to Reset.

Note: If the image back to normal after reset, please observe for a period of time. If the problem appears again, you can upgrade the firmware for a try. If the firmware upgrade cannot figure it out, please kindly submit a request to our support team.