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  • Can D800/B800 work with Google Home or Alexa?

    No. The add-on cameras can not work with Google Home or Alexa. 

  • Can D800/B800 work without the NVR? 

    Yes. It can work without the NVR. 
    However, without the NVR, it can not be accessed remotely because add-on cameras do not have the UID number. 

  • Can D800/B800 work with third-party software?

    No. D800/B800 can not work with third-party software because they do not support RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, HTTPS, and ONVIF protocols

  • Can D800/B800 work with another brand NVR?

    No. They can only work with our Reolink NVR. 

  • Does B800/D800 support smart person & vehicle detection?

    This depends on the hardware version of the camera. 
    Please first check the hardware by referring to How to Find out System Information via Reolink PoE NVR or How to Find out System Information via Reolink PoE NVR ( New UI)
    If it is IPC_5158M8M_V2, it supports smart person & vehicle detection. 
    If it is not IPC_5158M8M_V2 (such as IPC_5158M8M), it does not support smart person & vehicle detection. 

  • Does B800/D800 support FTP?

    No. They do not support FTP. But if you connect them to the NVR, you can upload the recordings of the NVR to the FTP server.