The camera‘s name and timestamp are very useful information for users to find the exact footage from lots of videos. However, if you need a clear image without any other information, then you may follow the guides below to hide the OSD on the image.

Applies to: All Reolink Cameras. 

Method 1: Set up via Reolink New Client 

Please go to Settings > Display page, then click the option below Camera Name/ Date & Time to choose Hide. 




Method 2: Set up via Reolink APP

Step 1. Log in to the camera and tap the gear icon to go to SettingsDisplay page.



Step 2: Tap Camera name/Date to choose Hide.


Method 3: Set up via Reolink NVR

Step 1. Log in the NVR and go to MenuDisplayCamera page:

Step 2. Select the channel (Camera No.), uncheck the Display Camera Name and Record Date, click Apply to save the settings.


Method 4: Set up via Reolink New UI NVR.

Step 1. Log in to the NVR and right-click to pop up the menu bar, go to Settings > CameraDisplay page:

Step 2. Choose None in the Camera Name/Time Stamp option. 


For more information about OSD, see Change the OSD for Reolink Cameras.