Applies to: All cameras except the battery-powered cameras and E1, E1 pro, Reolink Lumus

Descriptions of the phenomenon: while playback the uploaded recordings to FTP, it'll freeze.

Cause 1: There is something wrong with the camera encoding.


  • Check whether the recording is freezing in the IPC SD card when the recording is freezing on FTP;
  • If the problem also exists in the SD card, check whether the firmware version is the latest and update to the latest firmware; If it is the latest firmware, please contact Support Team;
  • If the SD card recording is normal, please ensure the network is well.

Cause 2: Poor network.


  • Please send a video to Reolink Support to check if the frames are dropped.
    If it is frame loss, please change to sub-stream to upload recordings, or you can lower the bit rate.
  • Test FTP in LAN (the same local network).


Cause 3: Issue of the player or other unknown causes.


Please check if all the players have this problem or only the VLC player.

If it happens on all players for the first time, please check whether the frame rate is low. If so, please increase the frame rate for a try.

If it only happens on VLC, please check the frame rate first like the step mentioned above.

And please also set the default caching policy as Higher latency on VLC, because 2 frames and 4 frames of video cannot be played under the default configuration of VLC.

Click Tools ->Preferences ->Input/Codes ->Default caching policy:



If the steps above are not helpful, please send a video downloaded from FTP to Reolink Support for a double-check.