Applies to: All cameras that can support web access

If you failed to capture live JPEG image via CGI URL, then please follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:

Cause 1. The camera password has special characters.

If the login password for the camera has special characters, then the URL may not be recognized. Please change a simple password to have a try.

Cause 2. The image is captured too frequently.

Don't capture the images too frequently. Please wait for at least 1s later to capture the second image.

Cause 3. The monitoring environment is too complicated or the stream is set to mainstream which makes the image too large.

Please set up the bitrate lower to have a try. Refer to, Set up the Record Encode for Reolink Cameras

Cause 4. Fail to capture live JPEG image in WAN

Please open ports for the camera if you capture live JPEG image in WAN. Refer to, How to Forward Ports in Router Interface for Reolink Products

Cause 5. Firmware bug.

Please upgrade the camera to the latest firmware version and then capture the image of substream.