Applies to: All Reolink cameras that support PT function 

If you find the camera is freezing when it is making pan and tilt, you may follow the steps to make troubleshooting.

Cause 1: Poor network

Please check whether you can make live view smoothly and it is not frozen. If the live view is frozen, it must be network problem that causes PT function failure, please kindly check network connection, you can refer to the link, Freezing Image

You can control pan and tilc several times for a check.  

Cause 2: Hardware issues

Please contral pan and tilt around to see if it is still stuck in the original position, then rotate the camera manually. If you fail to rotate the camera by manual smoothly, it might be hardware issues. 

Cause 3: Firmware bugs

If you can  rotate the camera by manual smoothly, please reset the camera, refer to, How to Reset Reolink Device, to check whether the camera can make pan and tilt smoothly, if yes, it might be firmware issue, then you can submit a request with the system information to the Support for further help.