Applies to: Reolink PoE NVR

If you found that the cameras disconnect and show video loss randomly on your NVR or the camera loses recordings randomly, here are some possible causes and solutions for your reference.


Cause 1: Poor connection between camera and NVR

If you connect your camera to the NVR via ethernet directly, please make sure that the maximum length between them is 260 feet

To confirm the issue, please change another short cable and plug it into another port to have a try. If possible please connect only one camera to the NVR to test whether the issue still exists.     

Please also lower the bitrate of the camera and check if the issue can be fixed.

If you connect the camera to the router by POE switch/ injector and add your camera to the NVR, the issue may cause by the poor network of the router.

  #1 Please reboot the router and camera to try again. 

  #2 If you have hung several devices to the router, please only connect the camera to the router to test the issue.

 #3 Please also lower the bitrate of the camera and check if the issue can be fixed.

 #4 Please use the cable to connect the camera directly to the POE port of the NVR to check whether the issue still exists.


Cause 2: Software issue 

Please find out the firmware version of the camera and click here to download and unzip the package to upgrade it. And this is a guide for upgrade the firmware via NVR: Upgrade firmware version via NVR.


Cause 3:  Incorrect power supply for the NVR.

   #1 It might be the problem of the power adapter of the NVR. Please try a different power outlet.  If possible, you may also change the DC power adapter to try again. 

For the output voltage of Reolink DC power adapter, please refer to this table below:

                 NVR   8 channel POE NVR 48V 1.87A
16 channel POE NVR 48V 2.5A


   #2 If you have a 12V DC adapter on hand, you may use the adapter to power up the camera and connect it to the router directly. Please check again whether the camera displays video loss on your NVR. 


 If the problem persists after going through the steps above, you may contact our support team by submitting a request with your troubleshooting results and the screenshot of the IP channel page on the monitor.