Applies to: All Reolink cameras

Description of the phenomenon: The live stream image is too bright or overexposed.

Cause 1: The installation angle

Solution: If the camera was facing something very bright such as the sunshine or strong spotlight, then the camera's live view image will be blurry or overexposed.

Please adjust the camera to avoid facing the sunshine or strong light.

Cause 2: Image Settings of the camera 

Solution:  Please check the video information under the Basic settings of the camera, and adjust the Brightness and Contrast settings accordingly.

If they never changed the settings or they are default settings, then the problem is not caused by the settings.


Cause 3: The installation environment

Solution: If part of the camera live view is covered by the wall/big tree, it will be reflected to the camera lens, especially at night when IR lights are on, then the live stream image will be overexposed and blurry. Please adjust the camera to avoid the wall/ big tree or something that can be reflected, then check again if the image will be better

Cause 4: Firmware bug

Solution: If you checked all the above causes and the image is still overexposed, please upgrade your camera's firmware to the latest.  You may find a link here for the latest firmware

Note: For the battery-powered cameras, please provide your camera's UID and firmware version to the support team, they will help you upgrade it.