Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras

If you connected the camera to your router successfully, but couldn't access the camera on your phone/computer in LAN (when your phone/computer is connected to the same network as the camera), here are some possible causes for your reference.

Cause 1: The camera is not powered-on

Note: Please check and turn on the power switch of the camera (except Argus 2/Argus Pro). How to tell if the camera is powered on? Place the camera in a dark environment, if the infrared lights of the camera turn on, that means the camera is powered on properly.

Solution: Try to charge the camera by using a DC 5V/2A power adapter and add it to the Reolink App or Reolink Client (Windows/Mac). When the camera is charged, there will be a status light around the USB port of the camera. If there is no light, please contact Reolink support ( via email.

Cause 2: The camera disconnects from your home router network (the status led light is red)

Note: Since the settings interface of each router is different, you can query how to enter the settings interface of XX brand router on Google or contact your router provider to check some settings on the router.


  1. Please restart the router and the camera.
  2. Please change the stream mode of the camera to watch the live view. Refer to: Change Live Stream Mode on Reolink App
  3. Please place the camera close to the router.
  4. Change the WiFi channel. Log in to the router management interface and change the WiFi channel. Our battery-powered cameras support WiFi channels from 1~13 of 2.4GHz WiFi band.
  5. It is not suggested that the number of cameras connected under the same router exceeds 4. If the number is more than 4, the router should be added with a WiFi extender. 
  6. Reset the camera and setup from factory status.

Cause 3: The settings of the phone or PC or the router disabled the LAN connection


  • Please make sure your mobile phone area/country is the same as the camera. Use the "Add in Lan" function on the Reolink App or Reolink Client to check whether you can scan the camera.
    To find the "Add" in LAN on the Reolink App:  How to Add Reolink Products in LAN via Reolink App
    And to add in LAN on the Reolink Client: How to Add Reolink Products in LAN via Reolink Client (New Client)
  • Please make sure your PC firewall or VPN allows Reolink Client to pass through; or please disable the firewall directly.
  • Make sure whether the IP isolation in LAN of the router has been disabled. Log in to the router management interface to check the IP isolation in LAN setting.
  • Check whether you can find the IP address on the DHCP Client List on the router. Please check in the management interface of the router. 

Cause 4: The hardware defect with the camera (the status led light is flashing blue and red alternatively)

If you see the camera's status led light flashing blue and red alternatively, and each color in around 2 seconds, it's highly possible that there is a hardware issue of this camera.


  • For the Argus 2 or Argus pro, please unplug the battery and re-plug back or change another battery to see if it will back to normal.
  • For other battery-powered WiFi cameras, please reboot the camera by turning the power switch button off and on several times.

If the solutions mentioned above don't help, please contact Reolink Support.