Applies to: Reolink Argus Series cameras

Note: Make sure when your mobile phone uses the same WiFi as the camera, you can use both fluent and clear stream mode to watch the live view of the camera. An article for your reference: Change Live Stream Mode on Reolink App

If you can't watch the live view of the camera in LAN(your phone and the camera are connected to the same WiFi), please refer to this article: Failed to Connect Battery-powered cameras in LAN via Reolink App or Reolink Client

Phenomenon: When your mobile phone uses the same WiFi as the camera, you can watch the live view of the camera, but while using a 4G network, you can not watch the live view of the camera sometimes. Here are some steps for your reference. 

Cause 1: The Camera is Not Powered On Properly

Solution 1: Please use a DC 5V/2A power adapter to charge it to check whether the camera can be powered on.

How to tell if the camera is powered on? Turn off the lights in the rooms or place the camera under a dark environment, if the infrared lights of the camera turn on, then the camera is powered on properly.

If you are using the correct power adapter and it can work with another device, but the camera still can't be powered on properly, please contact Reolink Support( 

Cause 2: The Poor Connection between the Camera and 4G Network

Solution 2: If you can only sometimes access the camera via 4G network, please let your phone connect to other wifi, not the wifi the camera is connected to. 

If your phone still cannot access the camera fluently by other WiFi, please send the UID (with the number starts like 9527)  to Reolink Support( Refer to: How to Share Your Configured Cameras/NVRs with Others/Other Phones

If other WiFi can access the camera fluently, please check the signal of 4G network on your phone. You can ask the ISP of your 4G network to check its signal. Or you can change your SIM card or use another phone with a different SIM card to see if you can watch the live view of the camera. And choose the fluent stream mode to watch it.