Applies to: POE NVRs

When you found that all the cameras display video loss on the NVR at the same time or all the cameras lose recordings randomly, there are several possible causes for this issue. You may follow the troubleshooting tips listed below to solve the problem.

Cause 1: Incorrect power supply for the NVR

 It might be the problem of the power adapter of the NVR. Please try a different power outlet.  If possible, you may also change the DC power adapter to try again. 

For the output voltage of Reolink DC power adapter, please refer to this table below:

                 NVR   8 channel POE NVR 48V 1.87A
16 channel POE NVR 48V 2.5A


Cause 2: The NVR reboots randomly

When the issue happens, please check the power led in front of the NVR. If the power led is off, please refer to  POE NVR Reboots Automatically


Cause 3: Software issue of the NVR

Please restore the NVR to try again. 

If still no luck, Please find out the firmware version of the NVR and click here to download and unzip the package to upgrade it. 


Cause 4: The compatibility issue between HDD and NVR

If you purchase the HDD by yourself, please check the spec and type of the HDD here

To check the issue, please turn off the power of the NVR. and Unplug the HDD from the NVR then power the NVR on to test whether the issue can be fixed when no HDD plugged. Please refer to unplug the HDD. 


Cause 5: Defective NVR

If the DC adapter works properly, please check if the Power LED on the front panel of the NVR can light on. 



 If the problem persists after going through the steps above, you may contact our support team by submitting a request with your troubleshooting results and the screenshot of the IP channel page on the monitor.