Applies to: Reolink WiFi batter-powered cameras

If the camera's Device/Network Info interface shows DNS as on Reolink App or Reolink Client(Windows/Mac). You may refer to the following example picture. And the camera is failed to set up email alerts or be accessed remotely.

Here are some tips for finding the DNS on Reolink app or Reolink Client(Windows/Mac):

For Reolink app: Check Network Status via Reolink App

For Reolink Client: How to Set up Network General Settings on Client(New Client)



Cause: The router doesn't assign DNS for the camera. 


1.  Restart the router and camera. For the router, switch off and on of the router. For cameras like Argus, Argus 2, and Argus Pro, you can take out the battery and plug it back to the camera. For cameras like Argus Eco, Argus PT, and Argus 3, please switch off and on of the cameras.

2.  If the camera is connected to the WiFi Extender, please try to connect the camera directly to WiFi router.

3.  Try to only connect one Reolink camera to the router.

4.  Try to reset the router and the camera.

Here are the articles about how to reset the battery-powered cameras:

How to Reset Reolink Argus, Argus 2 and Argus Pro

How to Reset Reolink Argus Eco

How to Reset Argus PT

5.  Let the camera connect to another wifi.  

6.  Log in to the router management interface, configure the DNS to, and then restart both the router and camera.  

7.  Log in to the router management interface, and change the SSID of the wifi. Reconfigure the camera to connect to the router.

If the above solutions don't help, please contact Reolink support ( via email.