Applies to: Reolink products which can support web access

If you failed to access Reolink cameras or NVRs via web browser in LAN and got "cannot reach" error, below are the causes and solutions for this issue.

First of all, please check whether your camera/NVR supports Web Access.

Cause 1. The connection of the camera/NVR


1. Make sure the computer is connected to the same network as the camera/NVR.

Note: please check whether the Reolink client can find the camera via IP address; or ping the camera IP address on the computer.

2. Restart the camera/NVR and upgrade it to the latest firmware version.


Cause 2. IP and port issue


1. Make sure the IP address for the camera is correct.

2. Check the HTTP or HTTPS port.

Note: The default port number for HTTP protocol is 80 and HTTPS port is 443. Check port number of the camera here; if not, then please use the correct port number to have a try.


Cause 3. Incompatible web browser

Solution: Change a different web browser.

Check the compatible web browsers for cameras and NVRs