Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras

There are several possible causes for Reolink Solar Panel to charge Reolink battery-powered cameras slowly, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

 Cause 1. Insufficient sunlight


  1. Make sure that your Reolink Solar panel is pointed toward the sun and is not obstructed by trees, buildings, or other obstacles.
  2. Please wipe the Solar Panel with wet tissue or clothes regularly to remove dust and debris.

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Cause 2: The battery drains fast


  1. Please adjust the PIR schedule and sensitivity to reduce the PIR alarm.
  2. Avoiding logging in the camera too frequently. Only access the camera when necessary
  3. Please install the camera in a well-lit area.
  4. Make sure the WIFI connection is stable(expect Reolink Go and Reolink Go Pt).
  5. Please install the camera under a proper environment to extend their battery life.

Reolink battery-powered cameras can be charged within the temperature of 0- +60℃(32°F-140°F

Reolink battery-powered cameras can properly function within the temperature of -10°C – +55°C (14°F – 131°F).

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 Cause 3: The battery defective

Solution:  Please charge the battery with a 5V/2A DC charger and pay attention to whether the charging efficiency of the battery is normal.

If your problem persists, you may contact our support team for additional help by submitting a request.