When previewing the camera on the Reolink App/Client, you feel that the sound recorded by the camera coming from the phone/PC is too low. Here are some possible causes and solutions for you.

Applies to: Reolink cameras which can support 2-way audio.

Description: When using two-way audio, you can hear the sound recorded by the camera on your phone/PC, but the volume is too low.

Cause 1: The volume on your Reolink Client is set too low.

Solution: Turn up the Volume on the Reolink Client.


Cause 2: The volume of your phone/computer is set too low.

Solution 1: Turn up the sound on your phone/computer.

Solution 2: Plug the earphone into the phone/computer. (You may turn on the earphone mode in the sound settings of your computer).

Cause 3: Improper settings on the phone/computer

Solution: Try to change to another phone/ computer for a test.

Please contact our support team if the problem remains unsolved.