Applies to: Reolink PoE NVRs 

If you can't playback the recordings and need to format the HDD again and again, or it prompts to format the HDD after using it for a short time, here are some possible causes for your reference.


Cause 1: Added several cameras to the NVR, but didn't enable Overwrite for the HDD.

Please check whether you have enabled overwrite for the HDD

Please also refer to here to check how long can NVR record


Cause 2:  The firmware version of the NVR is quite old.

Please find out the firmware version of the NVR and click here to download and unzip the package to upgrade it. 


Cause 3: Bad power supply for HDD.

Please unplug and replug the HDD to make it connect better. Please refer to Change the HDD for Reolink NVR. Please make sure that the NVR is power off when you unplug the HDD for the electric security.

Please also use the original DC power adapter to power on the NVR. 


Cause 4: Software issue

Please restore the NVR to try again.  


Cause 5: The compatibility issue between HDD and NVR.

If the HDD is the original one come with the NVR, please ignore this point.

If you purchase the HDD by yourself, please check the spec and type of the HDD here

Please notice that the HDD designed for PC can' t work with the HDD. Please choose the HDD referring to The HDD Recommended/Compatible List.

If the problem persists after going through the steps above, you may contact our support team by submitting a request with your troubleshooting results and the firmware version of the NVR.