Applies to: Reolink camera which can support 24/7 recording 

If you find some videos in the playback are missing, there are several possible causes for you to check:


Cause 1: The Recording schedule is not set up to 24/7 recording.

Please refer to this article to double-check the setting:

How to Save Continuous Recordings to SD Card


Cause 2: The abnormal read and write function results in that some videos are not saved successfully.

1) Please format the SD card or change another SD card.

2) Please refer to the requirements below to choose the right SD card for Reolink cameras, otherwise, the recording function may not work properly.

Item Requirement
Capacity 8GB or 16GB card is suggested (Up to 64GB)
Read and Write Speed Class 10 or higher
Format FAT32

If you're not sure about whether your SD card is compatible, please take a photo of the SD card or share a product link then contact support for help.