If you fail to delete devices via the Reolink App, you may follow this guide to solve your problem.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs and cameras.

Here are some possible causes and solutions for failing to delete Reolink devices on the Reolink App.

Cause 1: Enabled "Add Devices Automatically" on Reolink App

You need to disable "Add Devices Automatically" first. Then go to the Device Settings page to delete the device.

Cause 2: Phone Network is Poor

  • Change phone network for a check
  • Reboot the phone for a check

Cause 3: Reolink App has some Issues on the Phone

Delete Reolink App from the phone and download it again. In this way, all the cameras will not be on the device list of the Reolink App when you re-download the App. 

If you still fail to solve the problem, please submit a request with the system information to our support team for further help.