Applies to: All Reolink NVRs

If you have encountered the issue of failing to download recordings from the NVR via the USB drive, the following troubleshooting steps may be helpful to you.


Cause 1: Issues of the NVR's firmware.

Solution: Please upgrade the NVR's firmware version to the latest one.

For more upgrading information, you can refer to How to Upgrade the Firmware for Reolink Products


Cause 2: The recordings are too large.

Solution: It is advised to download the large recordings one by one instead of download several recordings at a time.


Cause 3: The recordings are originally damaged.

Solution: Please check whether the recordings can be playback normally on the NVR. If you failed to playback on the NVR, please refer to Failed to Playback on NVR, for further troubleshooting.


Cause 4: The issue of the backup video format.

Solution: If you originally choose MP4 format to download, please uncheck the MP4 option to download again and vice versa.


Cause 5: The USB drive is defective.

Solution: Format the USB drive and then try again. Or use another working USB drive to make the backup.


Cause 6: The USB port is defective.

Solution: Try another USB port, or download the videos from the Client. And you can refer to Backup Recordings from Reolink Products.