If you have set up email for the cameras but find that you never receive email alerts later, you may follow the below steps to make troubleshoot.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras except for the battery-powered ones.

Cause 1: Email setup is incorrect.

Solution: Make sure that the email test succeeded.

If not, please refer to Reolink Camera Email Test Failed and Sent Email Fail

Cause 2: The camera can not detect motions normally.

Solution: Check whether there is a motion icon at the corner of the live view screen when you make some motions before the camera. 


Cause 3: The email schedule is configured incorrectly.

Solution: Check how you set up your email schedule: How to Set up Email Schedule

Cause 4: The email address works abnormally

  • Check whether the test email is in spam. 
  • Check whether your email address blocks emails from third-party devices. 
  • Check whether your email address can send out and receive emails normally. 

Cause 5: No remote access

Solution: Check whether you can get access to the cameras when your phone uses 4G mobile data. If you fail to access the camera, please refer to: Fail to Connect Camera/NVR in WAN

Cause 6: The camera firmware is not the latest one

Please check the latest firmware on the Download Center and upgrade it: How to Upgrade Firmware for Reolink Products